Why You Should Never Place an Indoor TV Outside?

Why You Should Never Place an Indoor TV Outside?

Have you ever thought of placing your Indoor TV Outside? If you did, keep reading. 

Fortunately, we live in a time of technological abundance. We no longer are limited in our choices, so we are constantly getting new tech devices to make the most out of our smart home experience. An outdoor TV can be such a great contribution to your outdoor entertainment. But putting a regular TV outside is not a good idea. Some people think they can get away with putting an indoor TV  in a covered patio or screen porch, even though it’s technically outside. Here is why you should never install your Indoor TV outside.  Some people think they can get away with putting an indoor TV in the covered space, even though it’s technically outside. If you don’t think it’s serious to install an Indoor TV Outside, you should read our blog. Here are seven reasons you should never even think about putting an indoor TV anywhere outside.

1. Safety

As the famous quote says, ’safety comes first’’. If you are still thinking about saving money and placing your  TV outside, you should be aware of your safety. Any TV manual has a warning on its first page about the dangers of putting an indoor TV outside. By putting your Indoor TV outside you not only run the risk of electrocution also some pretty expensive damage your cheap TV can cause.

2. Damage

As we mentioned above,  your Indoor TV installed outside can cause damage, even if it’s under your patio. Your device and its inner workings can get damaged by humidity, dust, and sunlight.

3. Performance

We all want to watch a clear picture with no black spots. But that’s all you are will get if you make a mistake and install your indoor TV outside. The external factors, such as heat, dust, humidity, are going to affect your TV  performance.

4.Warranty Issues

 Another thing you should take into account is that when you install your indoor TV  outside, you are going to face some warranty problems. In other words, you are going to void your warranty. If something happens to your TV, you will end up losing some serious cash. If you want to be able to rely on your warranty, make sure you make an appropriate choice.

 Now you probably wonder what to get when it comes to warranty issues that everyone needs to cover. High-quality outdoor TVs, like these Seura Outdoor, are elegantly designed to meet best-in-class video performance in all weather conditions. Séura Outdoor TVs bring people together in outdoor beautifully designed spaces, from rooftops to balconies to poolside cabanas,  and guarantee your impeccable outdoor entertainment. These outside TVs are sealed against moisture and humidity and include built-in heating and cooling systems that allow them to operate flawlessly in extreme temperatures. Outdoor TVs usually costs more, but if you place your Indoor TV outside you will risk paying more later. Many outdoor TVs sound a lot better than regular indoor TVs. That’s because these outdoor models include a removable external speaker bar that plays more loudly and clearly than most TVs. A good sound bar could be a significant sonic upgrade, but few models are designed for outdoor use. You can find a big variety of Outdoor TVs from Séura at KOA CCTV!

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