We will tell you how to protect your online data from being collected

In this modern world, with the abundance of electronic devices, it’s getting more and more tacky to keep your personal life out of reach.

We all know how technology poses a threat to our private life. Business giants are using our information to sell products by targeting their audience for sales and harvesting in their businesses.

As much as we engage with technology and social media, as vulnerable we become for the competitive business operators to get an advantage of our personal data.

In 2017 New York Times highlighted the report where it was illuminated that Uber bought the information about its competitor, American ride share company, Lyft, from a free email digest service.

When it comes to data collection, Google and Facebook have the most abundant information about people and their users.

However, this act of collecting data by giant companies did not remain unnoticed. Privacy activist, Max Schrems,made use of Europe’s new data protection law to target the giants of Silicon Valley.

The complaints against Google, Facebook and Facebook-owned services WhatsApp and Instagram could result in penalties of up to 8.1 billion.

However, we don’t want to go deep into this, but rather give you a few tips on how to protect your privacy from all the data collecting apps.

It’s an undeniable fact that data collecting apps analyze and sell billions of details about consumers’ online activities for marketing purposes.

However, it does not say that that there is no way we can protect ourselves from tricky data collection. Despite  being over-adapted to being watched, we shouldn’t be completely comfortable sharing everything online.

 Here are a few tips on what you should do about it!

  1. Make sure you read the Privacy Policy before giving away your personal information. When you sign up for any new app or web tool, the system asks you to agree with its terms of services, and what happens most of the times, you agree with it without having to read it thoroughly. Don’t ever do that. Take a few minutes to read it before taking further steps.
  2. Never share your personal information with an app whose terms and services notify your information could be shared in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

The good news is that there are some nonprofit organizations that are there to protect your privacy from data collecting.

  • Be aware of the apps that you download. Some apps, such as the anime photo apps, ask for permission for your photos, phone features, and your camera. Remember that using a free app can result in paying with your data.
  • Using public WI-FI is a big ‘’no’’.  Keep in mind that while you are researching for information by using pubic W-Fi at a coffee shop, all the pages that you are visiting are being monitored by the state.
  • Make sure you are using privacy extensions. It’s highly recommended to have your messages encrypted and block all the third -party cookies.

All these tips we help you keep your information safe.

We all wondered, at least once ,whether we should delete our Facebook or other social media accounts to keep our data safe, but for most of us, those platforms play a crucial role both career- wise and in our personal life.

What’s your perspective? Do you think it’s possible for you to live without social media? How do you protect your data from being used by the giant companies?

Feel free to comment below! And, do not hesitate to share these useful tips with your friends!