Surveillance Cameras: Public Safety Request or Privacy Invasion?

Over the last couple of decades, we have experienced tremendous changes in technology.
There is no way these technological changes will not affect our everyday life. The advancement of modern technology is revolutionizing the world. The availability of technological assets made us change the way we think, study, and work.
The benefits of modern technologies are countless. Internet and social media platforms have created way more employment opportunities than ever before. It also increased the growth of business networks locally and internationally.
But does it really impact us more in a positive or negative way?

Is it worth giving away our privacy for the public safety?

The world we are living constantly gets threats of attack of guns, terrorism, massive misdemeanors.
In order for us, as an individual, as well as business owners, to have a safer life, we often use technology. We install security cameras in and out of our house, use security application for the safest life we never had in technologically less advanced time.

The survey showed that almost 88 % of millennial home-buyers are willing to pay high rent for a home which is equipped with modern home security systems and other smart home features.

What about camera surveillance in public places? Should public places be monitored by the cameras? Isn’t it an invasion of privacy?

Modern technology takes up all aspects of our live and sort of takes away our privacy. Part of the reason it’s happening is because there is no better way to control for the security purposes.

In public security cameras good or bad debate, the first question is whether the public surveillance is an invasion of privacy. The majority of people engaged in the debate (58%) believe the answer is yes.

With surveillance cameras in public areas, such as schools, stores, bars and clubs, we as citizens feel more secure. However, some citizens and private advocates get nervous about being watched every time they are in public.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having security cameras in public places.

Public Safety: United States Law does not prohibit security cameras in public areas for the sake of improving public safety, including parking zones and airports.
Decrease of crime rate: According to statistics, after the public security cameras are operating, the crime rate dropped by 20%.
Video Surveillance helps catch criminals: Nowadays in case of any incident or crime in an area with the public surveillance camera, the chances of catching the criminal are much higher.
Real-time traffic records are available due to public video surveillance: In some cities, where there are video cameras on stop lights, people don’t speed up, or the cameras help drivers to choose the best route to commute.

As a conclusion, we will insist on the importance of public security cameras as a way to ensure public safety and to prevent crime.
But the next most important issue that we need to discuss further is how to balance public safety and personal privacy.

What’s your insight on the topic? Feel free to share your ideas right below the blog post.