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Top 5 Must Bring Travel Tech Accessories

Top 5 must bring travel tech accessories

As proud members of our cool Millennial generation, each of us knows how it feels to travel abroad extensively and are horrified every time we find out we are missing something very important.

Every time you take all of your electronic devices while traveling, you run out of space in your luggage. However, you can’t stay without those tech assets for so long.

If you have ever dealt with this dilemma about what to take with you and how to pick up the best stuff, here is how we can help you with it.

Whether you are going to another state or a country far away on your vacation or no matter how you are traveling, gadgets and smart devices can make things easier for you.

1. A  Headlamp is a must 

Headlamps Round Up (m)

Consider taking a headlamp with you while traveling. It will come handy whether you’re staying in a hostel with a “lights off policy,” or want to read a book while taking an overnight bus.

Having a good quality headlamp will save you more headaches then you probably realize. Moreover, it will keep you entertained.

In the market, there is a big variety of headlamps from cheap to very expensive ones. Mostly, the price will depend on the quality and battery length.

If you are traveling on a budget, you probably look for an affordable option. For travelers, the average price headlamp will do it.


2. A Light-Weight Portable Charger

As a traveler, you literally drain your phone battery by Googling directions in a new city or listening to your favorite playlist on YouTube.

Some portable chargers are smart to determine what kind of device you have plugged in to determine how to best charge that device. With such charger (or otherwise knows as power bank) any device can get charged in about five hours or less.

Getting yourself a to-go charger is a great way to stay out and visit the sights, while not worrying about being late to hang out with your friends for Happy Hour if your phone battery dies!

When it comes to chargers, you should look for one which has a bigger capacity, speed, versatility, durability, and great value. The Aukey Charger has it all. The average price for the Aukey charger is about $34 dollars.

3. The Photo Stick

Probably the biggest part of traveling is taking pictures. Just imagine how devasted would you be if your computer crashed and you figured you’ve lost some of your precious photos and videos from your exciting trip?

What if your cloud backup doesn’t function and your photos and videos are gone forever? The Photo Stick is a genius gadget to guarantee your precious photos and videos are protected forever. This small USB device will save your photos and videos automatically at the click of a button.

You not only buy a photo stick but also a piece of mind at $60.

4. Wireless traveler router

The Wireless traveler router is one of the most convenient ways to stay connected no matter where you go.

If you are a true technophile, you want to stay connected with any device, anywhere.

Ubiquiti Networks USG-Us enterprise Getaway Router with Gigabit Ethernet will let you tap into the hotel WiFi and connect multiple devices at the same time. This little device will provide you with a constant internet connection on the go.


5. Earbuds

Let’s agree that the items we listed above are more of a necessity than a luxury.  What about earbuds while you travel?. If you use your headphones as you sleep, earbuds are a better option. First of all, they are less heavy and more likely to stay put overnight. 

Tell us about your must-bring travel accessories in the comment below!


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