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It’s amazing how you can control your home with your smartphone: Check it out!

Some twenty years ago we couldn’t even imagine our homes can be controlled from our smartphones.

Nowadays we live in a technologically advanced society where few appliances in our home are already controlled remotely from our smartphones. Few automated devices are already part of our everyday reality and play an important role in our life. And it has just started.

In this highspeed world, we need stuff to be done faster. We no longer need to manually operate home devices.

Just imagine having your carpet cleaned by the time you are having a party at a cool lounge bar? All it takes is setting up your vacuum from your tablet or any electronic device you have.

Once you come back, you will find your place cozy and clean.

Now let’s find out what are those electronic devices that can be controlled from your smartphone.

 Keep your place warm regardless where you are!

 During the winter months, energy bill might, indeed, scare you. But due to modern connected thermostats, you will no longer need to worry.

Here are some automated home devices that will make your life a lot easier.

Systems like the Nest Learning Thermostat  allows you to  control the heating remotely from  your smartphone, so you can manually adjust the temperature while you’re at work or on the way home.

No need to get off your chair to dim the lights

Lift your mood with the tunable Lutron Caseta Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge PRO.

Make sure you connect it with your smartphone and experience your favorite picture of an amazing sunset all over again.

Make your coffee right from your bed

For those who get lazy to get off bed and make coffee in the morning, this Smarter Coffee Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker will save you an extra 15 minutes to stay in bed.

Isn’t it a wonderful gift for those who dream about sleeping in? Schedule your coffee and wait for the notification. Once it’s ready, grab your morning coffee and enjoy.

And, last but not leastsafety of your home is guaranteed now more than ever.

There are plenty of security cameras you can install in your house to keep the eye on your valuables or pets no matter where you are. It will send a live video steam to your smartphone.

Nets Cam Indoor Security Camera is a great example. The second great option is  Nest Protect Wired Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

You will also get notified from anywhere in the world in case it detects smoke or unusual movements.

It’s amazing how we can just seat back and let the ‘’smart home’’ features work for you.

 What smart home devices do you have at your place?

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