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Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar

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Composite Wood Curved Cabinet 6 Individually Amplified Speakers 2.4 GHz Wireless Subwoofer EDICATED POWER AN AMPLIFIER FOR EACH SPEAKER Pioneer’s SP-SB23W Speaker Bar is powered by six individual amplifiers— one for each independent driver. Each amplifier produces up to 28 Watts of power for increased audio dynamics and enhanced overall “headroom” at virtually any volume level. BASS MADE EASY IT’S SUBWOOFER IS WIRELESSTo handle the low frequencies, the Speaker Bar system includes a wireless subwoofer featuring a 6.5-inch driver that’s powered by a built-in 50-Watt amplifier. Tuned to 42 Hz (-10 dB), the output level can be conveniently adjusted with a Speaker Bar remote. COMMAND LEARNING USE YOUR FAVORITE REMOTEThe last thing most people want is another remote control unit on the coffee table. That’s why we gave the Speaker Bar system a special learning mode that lets you quickly teach it to respond to commands from virtually any remote you choose. TRUE RESONANCE COMPOSITE WOOD CABINETMost sound bars on the market have enclosures made of plastic. Pioneer’s Speaker Bar features a composite wood cabinet enclosure with a special curved design, helping it resist the “flexing” that can occur when the speakers are at high volume. With its superior resistance to undesirable resonance, composite wood provides more faithful sound reproduction. EASY LISTENING SET-UP IS SIMPLEImmersive audio doesn’t have to be complicated. Pioneer’s Speaker Bar system is designed to make set-up simple. With minimal cables to connect and an easy synchronization process, you’ll be enjoying a remarkable entertainment experience in just minutes.     ANDREW JONES DESIGNED FOR THOSE WHO CARE ABOUT SOUNDCrafted by legendary speaker engineer Andrew Jones to deliver excellent full-range sound from a small, simple solution audio package. As Pioneer’s Chief Speaker Engineer, Andrew has designed multiple lines of award winning loudspeakers ranging in price from $99 to $80,000 a pair. He is considered an audio master in the industry.
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