cctv glossary

CCTV Glossary, Terms & Explanations

A AC Adaptor    Ac Adaptor is also called a power supply. All CCTV devices need power for working. Each device has its own power requirements (usually 12 volts with a minimum amperage). The adaptor converts the AC power to DC power and will adjust it to a specified amperage. The power supply is generally included with the item bought, you don`t have to buy these separately. AGC   Automatic Gain Control. A circuit for automatically controlling amplifier gain in order to maintain a constant [...]

home security

Security of Your House during Holiday Season

Holiday Season is rapidly approaching, and many families leave their homes for vacation. As a result, the empty house or apartment is a tempting target for burglars. Of course, we don’t mean that leaving Your house you should think that something bad will happen, just having peace of mind that your property is securely protected, ensures best holidays. So, let us make some efforts to make it hard for criminals to get in. As the famous saying goes – Better [...]


Tribrid Digital Video Recorder Hikvision DS-7332HGHI-SH

Officially the largest manufacturer of CCTV products in the world – Hikvision products are used in more CCTV applications than any other brand. They offer great reliability at affordable prices. And we want to remind once more, that if You want to have peace of mind, that Your Hikvision product is genuine, and want to rest easy that Your products has warranty, buy only from official Hikvision distributors and resellers. DS-7300HGHI-SH (DS-7324HGHI-SH, DS-7332HGHI-SH) is a new generation Tribrid Digital Video [...]

Security Camera

Security Camera Systems. Myth or Reality?

The growing use of CCTV cameras in large cities is a controversial issue. The ethics of security cameras has become the most discussed point. One side of the argument speaks out about the benefits of a 24/7 video record as a crime deterrent. The other argues for the right to privacy. Anyhow, we are sure that the benefits of surveillance cameras extend far beyond security enhancement. Below we will speak about Security Camera Myths, which are most discussed and argued. Myth [...]

Hikvision 3MP PTZ Camera

Hikvision 3MP PTZ Camera – DS-2DE4A320IW-DE

Today’s CCTV market manufacturers offer a wide assortment of security cameras and accessorize, and choosing really qualified, innovative, efficient and at the same time affordable security systems sometimes can be a hard task. Here, at KOA CCTV, we strive to offer best solutions in cctv newest technologies field, and with our extensive mature product range and up front pricing with no games or gimmicks, KOA CCTV enables clients to meet their needs regardless of budgetary concerns. Below we want to introduce [...]