How to choose the right laptop for your needs!

How to choose the right laptop for your needs!

Are you planning on getting a new laptop? Do you know how to choose the right laptop for your needs?  If the answer is yes,  you might be feeling a little anxious since there are so many things to consider. There are so many different types of laptops to choose from, that’s why you probably need a good recommendation on what to pay attention to while buying a new laptop. It’s hard to say what’s the best laptop out there since every laptop user is different. Depending on your set of criteria’s, your choice may vary. Here are some factors you should consider before buying a laptop. We will help you make the right decision on this important purchase.

  1. Size

One of the things you want to consider while buying your next laptop is its size. Make sure you choose the right size that fits your needs. Size is something that can’t be upgraded later. When it comes to laptops, size really matters. Laptop sizes tend to start at 11.06-inches and go all the way up to 17.3 inches. If portability is very important to you, then consider buying a smaller sized Windows laptop. They are thinner and lighter than their larger counterparts. If you already know you will carry your laptop with you most of the time, then the thinner and smaller laptop will work better for you. If portability is your number one priority, look for the laptop that has a screen of 12.5 –inches or 13.3 inches in size, and weight between 1kg and 1.5 kgs. However, the smaller size doesn’t support the same high-end Intel Core i7 CPUs or discrete graphics cards you will be to find in their 15.6-inch counterparts. As soon as you make it clear for yourself what size of laptop you are looking for, the search for the best one becomes much easier. If you planning to use your laptops for web surfing, streaming video from Netflix, YouTube or Amazon, posting on social media, sending an email or using office apps like Office or Google Docs will be fine with budget laptops. What’s the use to pay more money for something that you are not going to use, right? Most of the time getting an expensive laptop means investing in a design you like. That can include weight, thickness and screen size, but also covers the layout of the keyboard, how large the touchpad is, how thick the bezel around the screen is, metal versus plastic, or even the color or pattern on the back of the lid.

  1. Keyboard

The keyboard is essential. Especially if you are planning to do long typing sessions, then you should look for a comfortable keyboard. Getting a keyboard that is difficult to use can lead to poor overall user experience when searching for specifics like the arrow or delete keys.

3. Storage   Another thing to consider when buying a laptop, it’s the amount of storage. Most buyers are more interested in getting a big hard drive over the life of their PC. However, if you want your new PC to be ‘’ really ‘’, then we recommend you to get faster storage. The majority of bargain-priced laptops come with slow hard drives rated at 5400 revolutions per minute. A 7200rpm hard drive is faster and will make your new laptop run faster with a slight difference in price. If money is no object and you want the fastest storage available, then consider buying a laptop with either a solid-state drive (SSD) or a “hybrid” drive such as the Western Digital.

4.The processor The brain of your laptop is its processor. Hence, it’s one of the most important components. Whether you’re pressing a key or opening a file, the processor is what that executes the command. If you are not planning to do something complicated with your laptop, we will recommend a dual-core processor. While dual-core CPUs are fine for multitasking, they’re not always great for tasks like gaming or photo editing. For the best performance, we’d recommend opting for an Intel Core i7 CPU, as it’s good for multimedia tasks. For music or photo editing software, you should get a processor with a multi-core setup. Basically, the more cores you have, the better performance will be. We hope that our recommendations will be useful for you to make the right choice.  To complete your purchase with accessories, feel free to check KOA CCTV website to get what you need at the affordable price. Stay connected, light, powerful and up-to-date. Nowadays, it’s more than possible. Enjoy your new laptop!

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