URC | Complete Control Mobile App for Android MRX–2 & RFX–250

URC CC Control App Set-Up Card-IPhone/IPod Touch and IPad

URC MX-900i IR/RF Remote Control URC-CCP-MX 900 (433 MHZ)

URC | Complete Control Mobile App for Android MRX–2 & RFX–250

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MRX–2 & RFX–250

Complete Control Mobile App for Android. Leverage the power of your Android smartphone or tablet by turning it in to an amazing touchscreen remote for your URC Complete Control home automation system, complete with the Complete Control interface you may already be used to. Swipe and tap your way to securely control all your Audio and Video equipment, lights and so much more with this award–winning app! The CC Control Mobile App for Android enables control of your A/V devices via a Wi–Fi connection right over the local area network (LAN) that is host to the connected MRX–1 or MRX–2 Network Base station from URC. Aided by intuitive interfaces that can easily flip between portrait and landscape views, you can do everything from setting a DVR and navigating favorite channels to controlling music and videos while moving around or from outside. MRX–2 Network Base Station The MRX–2 Network Base Station bridges the digital divide between control of clients legacy components and the IP network. Acting as a Total Control sub–base station, it receives commands from an MRX–10 and reissues them via IR, RS–232, or Relays. Each MRX–2 has the following: one relay, one sensor port, two RS–232 ports and 6 IR ports. The advanced connectivity of the MRX–2 allows it to connect to virtually any device or component. For Complete Control products, the MRX–2 can also be installed independent of Total Control and operated by a smart phone or tablet using URCs CC Control Mobile App or Mobile App for Android, a MX–5000 or a KP–4000 (which are not compatible with Total Control). *The MRX–1 and MRX–2 are essentially the same but the MRX–2 adds additional RS–232 capability including two–way communication with Network Series products.
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