Big announcement! Google is ending its Works with Nest system!

Big announcement! Google is ending its Works with Nest system!

The Nest Thermostat with its polished, nice look could be the centerpiece of a smart home. Even though it was not totally perfect as a smart home hub, but when it comes to its functionality, it was pretty magical, such as turning the lights off when no one is there or letting the sun warm the house by raising the shades, and above all, security systems responding to its Home/ Away feature.

One of the biggest announcements from Google this week says it will be integrating the Nest Brand into its broader line of Home products, essentially making the Nest the brand for every smart home gadget it sells.

Now Nest is being replaced by a device we have to talk to, or use an app to control. So all the interactions with Nest have to go through Google Assistant and the Google Home App.

According to Google, all these changes are being made in the name of privacy. By eliminating the Works with Nest program, the third-party devices will have far less access to the data captured by the many connected devices that can be installed in a home, locking down access to that data makes sense and is ostensibly a good move for consumers.

The downside of this privacy restrictions is it will likely be far more difficult to integrate a Nest thermostat into a broader smart home plan once Works with Nest goes away.



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