Avoid These 5 Major Mistakes When Mounting Your TV

Avoid These 5 Major Mistakes When Mounting Your TV

There was a time when people didn’t search for the right TV wall mount.

They didn’t have to, since TVs from those days were so dignified, sitting there in their wood case.

People used to think of it as a part of the furniture. TV nowadays doesn’t take a lot of space.

The old look of your sitting room is now transformed into an up-to-date, technology-based room where the expensive, sleek, lightweight televisions mounted on our walls, which frees up more screen room with none of the footprints.

Besides the fact that nowadays TVs are not part of the ‘’furniture’’, they are also used in three dimensions.

The only thing is that you should somehow magically conjure the TV up onto that wall.

Wall Mounting is a very responsible thing to do. It seems magical, but it’s not. It also sounds a bit challenging, right? You are not the only one who gets intimidated.

Since there are so many of these sleek, lightweight TVs in the market more and more people are facing the problem on how to choose the right TV Wall Mount.

KOA CCTV team tried to pull out all the pros to make sure you are gonna do it right.

The Wall mounting is something that should be done by an expert, or someone who is handy.

Location, location, location

The most important thing to consider when choosing the right TV mount is the location.

 Make sure you choose the nearest location for the TV Wall Mount so that you can reach your power outlet. You definitely don’t want to do the whole work and then realize the plug won’t make it to the wall. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, it’s actually a bad idea to mount your TV above a fireplace.

Getting a new TV is such an expensive purchase. You definitely don’t want to risk your new investment hitting the ground. Make sure you learn in advance what you are doing and what you need.

Here are the required supplies for installing your TV mount – a drill, the proper sized drill bit, screwdriver bit, and a stud finder. Make sure you find out how to use them if you have not done a lot around the house.

The most convenient way would be just drilling a little hole into the sheetrock and hang your Wall Mount. But as you know regular old drywall cannot support the weight of your new television.

No matter what other people say, even with the biggest anchor, it’s only a matter of time before your TV falls. You need to find a stud to hang that television mount or find a wall made out of something more substantial. We recommend that you speak to a professional. 

You don’t want to go through this complicated process of installing your TV mount, only to find out that you will have to pull down your TV every time you want to access the ports. Or that for several hours each afternoon, the searing reflection of the sun threatens to scorch your innocent corneas.

If you’re going to need a swiveling mount, make sure you know beforehand. Conversely, if you think you’d prefer a more stable mount, make sure that your ports are suitably situated before drilling into your wall. You will need extra help to lift, and properly mount your TV to the wall mount. 

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