Alexa will buy you tickets whenever you ask for it!

Alexa will buy you tickets whenever you ask for it!

Alexa gets more and more skilled these days. Now you can look for events and buy tickets from Ticketmaster through an Alexa-enabled device.

 Due to the fact that Ticketmaster gave Alexa access to its events, now we can buy tickets using voice commands. Just ask for it and Alexa will do it for you!

Besides listening to your favorite playlist by telling Alexa to play it for you, now you can ask Alexa to open Ticketmaster and look for the events by specifying the date and location you are interested in.

Plan your perfect weekend by ‘’talking to Alexa’’. For instance, you can ask ‘’Alexa, ask Ticketmaster to find events for this weekend ‘’ or ‘’find a musical in (a specific area).

It’s never been so simple. Choose your seats and place your order. Now you are set for the most exciting event for your ideal weekend.

Almost everyone hates the fees on Ticketmaster, thus it’s a pretty good addition to buying tickets through Alexa.

All you have to do is link your Alexa account with Ticketmaster to be able to use the features.

The service is not available outside of the United State, but knowing how fast Alexa is growing, eventually, it will become available for other countries as well.

Now getting tickets is not a hustle! Simply enjoy your favorite concert!

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