7 Signs, that Your House has been Targeted for Robbery

Every 15 seconds a house in the USA is being robbed, as FBI statistics showed.

 9 out of 10 burglaries are usually planned in advance, so there are a few signs, which indicate that your house is being watched for not-so-good-purposes.

Here are some situations You should watch out.

7 Signs, that Your House has been Targeted for Robbery 1. There are strange marks on the fence, on the garage, on the house itself. If You are sure, that it’s not Your kids’ art, then consult the police officer as soon as possible.

2. You have noticed a strange person walking in your neighborhood and observing your house.

You should definitely take into consideration.

Be careful! That weird person walking by might turn out to be a lost passer-by.

3. A vehicle that you haven’t seen before on your street: The first warning sign is a vehicle parked and unattended for a long time or at random times near your home. It doesn’t belong to your neighbors or anyone you know in the neighborhood.

4. Usually, people get an appointment in advance when a cable repairman or TV installer is stopping by to fix or service your equipment. So you don’t have an appointment in advance, consider not opening the door for the strangers.

5.  Sometimes we get people knocking our door and asking to use our bathroom. While it can be true with some people, but a lot of times people will use the excuse of using the bathroom just to break in. Better safe than sound, JUST keep an eye on him.

7 Signs, that Your House has been Targeted for Robbery

6. If you come home and find out your locks, window locks or garage door/window is mysteriously broken, should certainly get them fixed and check your alarm system.

7. If you find visit cards, promo-offer catalogs, sticky notes on the door, be aware that usually, burglars put all these at the front door. They do this to check if homeowners are at home, or not.

Even though many people think that spending money on home security is a waste of money,  but after having their house robbed, they just realize how vital it is to have a security camera for their home protection.

As a conclusion, make sure you secure your home with a security system. That’s the best deterrent for burglars.